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The people of Community Bible Church understand that everyone is on a faith journey. Some are completely convinced of what they believe. Others don’t know from day-to-day whether they are agnostic, atheist, a theist in general or a Christian in specific. We respect that. While we believe with all our hearts that Jesus Christ is […]


Welcome to Simple Church»

The word “simple” has been used to describe various types of churches. Here’s what we mean: The foundational principle behind “Simple Church” is this: We believe there is a direct connection between the meetings of the early church and the strength of the early church. In other words, the way they met matters. It led […]

The First Principles»

It is our hope that over time, everyone at CBC will work their way through The First Principles Series of Bible studies. Unfortunately, much of the teaching in modern Christianity is hit-and-miss. It includes sermons, books, and Bible studies that are often not well-connected in a way that helps Christians become “firmly rooted” (Colossians 2:6) […]

Books I hope you’ll read»

I’m not the first Christian in history. Brothers and sisters throughout church history have walked with Christ, struggled with the Scriptures and engaged every kind of culture imaginable. I’m not the only Christian alive today. Brothers and sisters around the world are walking with Christ, struggling with the Scriptures and engaging every kind of culture […]

Why Join a Church?»

Many people wouldn’t even think twice about it—wherever they live, they’re going to join a church. Others can’t imagine why anyone would do such a thing. Why should we? Is it one of the Ten Commandments? Is it unbiblical? We believe these are excellent questions—and frankly, more and more people are asking them. You might […]

Faith Forum»

From time to time, Pastor LePage has been asked to write answers to the questions posed in the Lawrence Journal-World Faith Forum. Click on the links below to read Pastor LePage’s answers: Can prayer really heal people? (May 25, 2013) Do you make spiritual New Year’s resolutions? (January 12, 2013) What advice do you have […]

The “Jesus” Film»

The Jesus film was made in 1979 and since that time has become the most translated film ever. It is probably the most widely seen film in history, and possibly the most widely distributed story ever! Have you seen it? Where have you been? You can watch the Jesus film on-line in hundreds of languages and in […]