We’re moving into town and moving forward!

Sunday, May 24, was a big day for us! It was our last meeting at 906 N. 1464 Rd. We are grateful to those who were part of CBC before us who bought that property and built that building, but we’re writing a new chapter in our history. We’re moving into town. But this is […]


Welcome to Simple Church»

The word “simple” has been used to describe various types of churches. Here’s what we mean: The foundational principle behind “Simple Church” is this: We believe there is a direct connection between the meetings of the early church and the strength of the early church. In other words, the way they met matters. It led […]

The First Principles»

It is our hope that over time, everyone at CBC will work their way through The First Principles Series of Bible studies. Unfortunately, much of the teaching in modern Christianity is hit-and-miss. It includes sermons, books, and Bible studies that are often not well-connected in a way that helps Christians become “firmly rooted” (Colossians 2:6) […]

2014: A Year of . . . Trials?»

by Shaun LePage This year was a tough year. Relatively speaking, 2014 included a lot of disappointment and discouragement for me. I can definitely point back to a lot of excitement and encouragement, too, and I know many others have dealt with a lot worse. But, it wasn’t my favorite year. As we started it, […]