No City on Earth is Safe

  by Shaun LePage One of the world’s most beautiful cities — Paris, France — was brutally attacked this week. The death toll (as I write) stands at 129. The world looks on in disgust as the reports continue to come in about the horrible things that happened there in the name of the Muslim […]


Welcome to Neighborhood Church»

Every Sunday evening, we are spreading out into the neighborhoods of our community. We meet together in a very simple way in each other’s homes. We call these gatherings Neighborhood Churches because we hope to plant one in every neighborhood in Lawrence. The foundational principle behind “Neighborhood Church” is this: We believe there is a […]

The First Principles»

It is our hope that over time, everyone at CBC will work their way through The First Principles Series of Bible studies. Unfortunately, much of the teaching in modern Christianity is hit-and-miss. It includes sermons, books, and Bible studies that are often not well-connected in a way that helps Christians become “firmly rooted” (Colossians 2:6) […]

History Matters: On the sale of a building»

By Pastor Shaun LePage History happens every day. Most of it is forgotten, but some remains. Some events find a way of enduring in the memories of people. Some history is permanently important to some people, but completely unimportant to others. For example, can you name the “Independence Day” of even 3-4 other countries? My […]